Learn how to launch an email newsletter people want to read (and companies want to sponsor)

Chris has built and sold 4 email newsletters. This is how you can do it too.

Over the past few years, I’ve built and sold 4 large profitable email newsletters (FoundersGrid, DailyNames, NewKeys and CryptoWeekly) that are read by people at Google, Stripe, Emirates, WeWork, Virgin, Vodafone, Heineken, Samsung, Expedia, and tens of thousands more.

In this video course, I'll show you how I built and scaled the 3 newsletters I sold, and how you can do it too.

But first, let me explain why I'm so bullish on email newsletters right now, and why you should be too:

  • Newsletters are inexpensive and quick to set up, and you don't need any technical skills to get started
  • Anyone can create a profitable newsletter covering their hobby - or by going local (a local newsletter curating the best news, restaurant openings, jobs etc. would be highly beneficial to your community)
  • You can update your newsletter from anywhere, giving you total freedom to work where and when you are happiest
  • There are mutliple ways to turn your newsletter into a PROFITABLE newsletter (I grew mine to 5 figures per month and show you how)
  • Newsletters allow you to easily connect and build relationships with really smart people in your city or industry
  • Newsletters with loyal readers are valuable assets, and there's no shortage of people and businesses who want to buy them
  • Bonus: There's a good chance you'll never have to pay for an event ticket again, thanks to being able to get press passes!

So yeah, newsletters are rad. But how do you get setup? How do you find readers? How do you find paying sonsors?

This video course covers all this, and more.

You'll learn:

  • How to launch an email newsletter people want to open & read
  • How to grow your newsletter to thousands of subscribers quickly
  • How to profit from your newsletter by working with paying sponsors

I've broken the course down into 9 'straight to the point' videos. My aim when creating this course was to cut out the fluff so you can learn how to start and grow a profitable newsletter in just one sitting.

Why Newsletters?

With so much crap published online every day, I cover why curated newsletters updated by people who care are fixing much of what's broken with most online news consumption.

Examples of Great Newsletters

I'll walk you through some of my favorite newsletters I read on a regular basis and walk you through the different formats, design and monetization strategies newsletters can have.

Finding Newsletter Topics To Cover

Choosing the right topic or industry to cover is crucial. In this video I outline my tips on finding great newsletter topics, along with why I think everyone should create a newsletter for their local community.

Naming Your Newsletter

This is how you can find a great name/domain name for your newsletter within 5 minutes flat. This is the same method I use to name all my newsletters/projects and it has never failed me.

Great Newsletter Landing Pages

Great landing pages encourage people to sign up to newsletters. Join me as I breakdown different landing pages and offer advice on what you should, and should not, include on yours.

Choosing The Right Newsletter Software

I recently launched 20 newsletters in 20 days to find the best software you should be using. In this video I share my recommendations for various different types of newsletters you may want to create.

How to Curate Amazing Content

Learn the strategies I use to find and organize great content your readers will always look forward to reading every week. This is the backbone to a great, profitable, curated newsletter.

Marketing Your Newsletter

I walk you through the different strategies I used to grow 2 of my popular newsletters along with sharing different examples and ideas (both paid and organic) on how you can grow yours.

Acquiring Paid Sponsors

From reaching out to potential sponsors, pricing, media kits and so much more, I cover the processes I've used in the past that have helped me secure $100 to $14,000 newsletter sponsorship deals.

Bonus Videos

Case study: LondonTech.co

I walk through how I was able to launch a new newsletter (LondonTech.co) to 100+ subscribers, onboard it's first paying sponsor and send out it's first newsletter edition - all within just 24 hours.

Interview: Peter Cooper from CooperPress

Exclusive video interview with Peter Cooper covering how he grows, markets and updates a collection of newsletters aimed at developers that reach close to half a million readers every week.

Ready to launch and grow a profitable email newsletter?

My promise: If you're unable to create a profitable newsletter using the lessons I cover in this course, let me know and I'll personally take a call to help you, or refund you in full.
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Here are some nice things people have said about Chris and his newsletters over the years:

Chris is an expert in newsletters and in this course he’s gives you all of those years of experience condensed down into actionable content. If you’re thinking of starting a newsletter or are a veteran at it, I highly recommend this course. You will come out a more successful newsletter creator.
Yaro Bagriy, founder of Newsletter Crew
This course has provided me with the inspiration and clear process I needed to finally launch my newsletter. The information is practical, shared at just the right level and very easy to absorb so that you can start immediately. I completed the course two weeks ago and after following the process that Chris has laid out in the course and taking his advice to heart, my first newsletter already has over 1000 subscribers. It works.
Michele Serro, founder of Opera Daily
I’ve been an avid follower of Chris’ newsletters over the past and just recently discovered this course. It’s a short course that covers all the essentials you need to get started with a newsletter, build it out and make it profitable. I’m about 3 days into my first proper newsletter and already crossed 150 subscribers thanks to some of the techniques he teaches. If you’re on the fence, pull the trigger, you won’t regret it!
Feyyaz Alingan, founder of Watch Newsletter
This newsletter course is a must for anybody who wants know the ins and outs of creating their first newsletter. Chris is a great instructor with a lot of skin the in the game, so this was an invaluable source of information. 10/10
Nic Getkate, founder of The Slice
Chris has condensed years of newsletter experience into a brilliant course that anyone can follow. There's no fluff, just actionable advise in every video. Using his process, I found a topic, created a landing page and got my first subscribers in under two days.
Andy Cloke, founder of IPOs Weekly
Chris is the newsletter og – he created (and sold) two very profitable newsletters back when newsletters weren't a "thing". I did his workshop a couple years ago and taught me everything I know about email. Seedtable wouldn't exist without Chris.
Gonzalo Sanchez, founder of Seedtable
I've followed Chris for years online and was happy to join his original Newsletter Workshop. His practical and actionable advice has been implemented to structure a process to creating and growing my 4 newsletters. Highly recommend Chris and his all-around insight for low-investment, scalable, high-ROI avenues online.
Jeff Possiel, founder of Dogwood Projects
Chris, and his insights into newsletter-ing has been a miracle. Not only am I making money, I've become a thought leader about influencer marketing.
Andrew Kamphey, founder of Influence Weekly
Chris and the FoundersGrid email newsletter are what I consider to be best in their class. I’ve been a loyal reader for years, and when approached, Chris provided invaluable start-up consulting to my new newsletter efforts. This included content curation strategies, full process flow outline, the best tools, and time-saving tips. His domain knowledge was evident, as there was no question asked that he couldn’t answer. I’d recommend him as a reliable resource for anyone looking to launch an email newsletter.
Jerry Everett, founder of The ExecutiveAdminClub
I’m picky about what I let into my inbox... and the FoundersGrid newsletter never faces the chopping block! They do a fantastic job curating articles of value and I always discover things I wouldn’t have otherwise.
Joelle Goldman, partner at ChurnBuster
CryptoWeekly delivers the most important and interesting news and stories of the week in an easy-to-navigate format. You can very quickly catch up on the markets, skim the industry news and settle down with a couple of long-form stories that give you more insights into where crypto is going. It’s the perfect weekly wrap-up for newcomers and veterans alike.
Amy Vernon, VP of Rivetz Corporation
The highly curated content is not only something we subscribe to and read, but also a place we strive to be included in. We saw fantastic results from this top-notch audience and cannot wait to be back.
Brian Coulombe, former customer acquisition at X.ai
There are so many newsletters out there, but for me, FoundersGrid is the most reliable for tech/startup news.
Josh Goldstein, co-founder of Underdog.io
FoundersGrid offers a great way to reach founders and entrepreneurs. It gave us the opportunity to promote Revue to a highly targeted audience.
Martijn de Kuijper, founder of Revue
I read the FoundersGrid newsletter every morning. It is a great source of information for business and tech-related news and helps me keep track of the tech market trends. In other words, it is my go-to place and I recommend it.
Patrick Lutterbach Penna, growth at Aircall
FoundersGrid has proved to be one of the best ways to get the word out there about our community.
Garrison Snelling, founder of RemoteTogether
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